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 The 2015 Planning Committee

Thomas Studebaker - Sr. Chairperson, Sponsors & Presentations Chair

Leo Lee - Membership & Communications Chairperson

Coni Rosati & Catherine Lee - Finance Chairpersons

Tony Andrasfay - Information Technology Chairperson

Gary Hogge - Promotions Chairperson

Cecile Rose Vibat - Event Chairperson


 SDBDG Donations

Whenever the SDBDG finishes the year with excess funds, the organization makes a donation to a non-profit charitable group. In previous years donations have been provided to:

2006 - Rancho Milagro
2005 - Doctors without Borders
2004 - Tsunami Relief
2002 - Challenged Athletes Foundation
2001 - NY 9-11 Firefighters Disaster Relief Fund
2000 - Meals on Wheels